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Brakes For Breasts: What Does it Accomplish?

Brakes For Breasts: What Does it Accomplish?

  Every October, PALS Ocala takes part in a truly wonderful program called ‘Brakes For Breasts’ that brings vital awareness to two crucial issues. It’s primarily known as a fundraiser to support the effort to end Breast Cancer. Every year, breast cancer awareness goes up and charitable donations towards finding an end to breast cancer surges.        Breast cancer is survivable with early detection and treatment, but it’s a disease that grows rapidly and is hard to control once it spreads. And for those affected, it’s a terrible gutpunch that should be preventable by now. This charity brings awareness of breast cancer to the forefront. It also deals with brakes that may be wearing down from a hot summer, and reminds our shop customers to check their brakes before going into the holiday season, when getting brakes checked without an immediate red flag of concern may get pushed to the back burner, resulting in accidents and damag ... read more


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