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Videos Tell A Story: A Look At Our Auto Repair Shop’s Success

Videos Tell A Story:  A Look At Our Auto Repair Shop’s Success


To tell you we are super grateful is an understatement! In 2021, at the behest of our marketing agency, Rock Star Marketing, we started creating videos in earnest. Today, just two years later, we have over 1,000 videos and a level of success we never could have imagined! In today’s blog, we want to share with you the magic behind our transformation so you can apply this wisdom to your own career or life success.

Videos Tell A Story, So Use Videos To Your Advantage


At first, we didn’t know what kind of video to make. Fortunately, Patrick Dolder, the co-owner of Pals Ocala Auto Repair, along with Chuck Perry, the General Manager of Pals Ocala Auto Repair, are not camera-shy. That alone is probably the biggest component to our success.


But once Jennifer of Rock Star Marketing got on us to create videos, Patrick took his cell phone and started recording the simple auto repair projects that came into the shop. Patrick would pull Chuck into the mix, and the two of them would comment on the various services, vehicles, and repairs that were taking place on a daily basis. However, it all changed once we had a parking lot full of classic cars.

Our First Video – “We Make Dreams Come True”


This is one of the first videos we made, and it was an instant hit! Why? Well, call us biased, but classic cars are sexy, and a lot of people enjoyed seeing these beauties we highlighted. After people saw that “We Make Dreams Come True” video, we started attracting some amazing restoration projects. 



Our Next Video Hit – Jennifer and her 1966 Corvette


One of our all-time favorites we with Jennifer, the owner of her late father’s 1966 Corvette Stingray. We documented the entire restoration process, and that video told one heck of a story! This remains one of our most popular videos to date.




A Hotrod 1965 Belvedere & Customer Testimonial


Jennifer’s 1966 Corvette Stingray got us a lot of attention here at Pals Ocala Auto Repair, and we had the pleasure of attracting more classic car owners who would drive from several hours away to have us work on their beloved vehicles. Another video that got us a lot of positive feedback was this customer testimonial from Bill and Barbara Johnson.




After that amazing customer testimonial, we kept attracting more and more car owners to our shop. It’s been a wonderful ride making these videos, and we are having so much fun doing it!

Educational Videos That Share More Stories


A few of our customers expressed interest in how we do things, so we started making educational videos about how we use computer diagnostic tools to pinpoint problems, the different types of carburetors, plus the issues we’ve seen in daily drivers like MINIs, Toyotas, Maseratis, and Chevys.


We have also made videos about the boat trailers, horse trailers, motor homes, and Slingshots we’ve repaired here at Pals Ocala Auto Repair. There are so many incredible stories behind each video, and we have nothing but pure joy when we share these stories with you and our growing audience.

Service Your New, Old, and Customized Vehicles At Pals Ocala Auto Repair


Whether you prefer the authenticity of a restored car, the personalized touch of a hot rod, or the convenience of modern additions, each approach offers a unique way to enhance and personalize your vehicle. Ultimately, the choice depends on your preferences, objectives, and the story you want your car to tell.


Bring your vehicles to Pals Ocala Auto Repair at 2821 SW College Road in Ocala, Florida, for regular maintenance and inspection so you avoid costly, unexpected repairs. Call today to schedule your appointment. We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 8:00 AM through 5:00 PM. You’ll be glad you did!


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