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The Enemy Within

Image by Azmi Talib from Pixabay 


Angry driving and subsequent Road Rage are like a cold. It can pass from anyone to anyone and spread itself around, if unchecked. Within every driver on the road is a potential monster waiting to get out, if allowed. An evil, selfish Mr. Hyde waits in the deep of every kindly Dr. Jekyll for us to lapse in our good natures and set him free. Even for the best of us, the everyday injustice of people who take advantage of others in traffic can build and lead to anger and resentment. 


When people do selfish things, act irresponsibly, or jeopardize us, forgiving and staying calm can be challenging. And for some, swallowing these feelings of anger is worse than venting and having an immediate tantrum. The worst thing you can ever say to someone who is stressed by the inappropriate actions of others is “Stay Calm,” as it usually has the opposite effect. Your anger and resentment are valid. But it is also unnecessary for doing the task you have at hand: safely guiding your car from one place to another.


As a good driver, you may, from time to time, feel very preyed upon by inconsiderate or obnoxious drivers. It is within your power to choose to set Mr. Hyde free and potentially set someone else’s Mr. Hyde free as well. It is also within your power to resist this temptation and turn the other cheek. All you need are some coping skills to remind you to stay in the light and avoid setting Mr. Hyde free.


You are already the better driver. A driver cutting you off or encroaching on you has already proven that you are a better driver. People who play fast and easy with traffic rules don’t do so with risky, agitated, reckless people; they skirt the rules with people they can see following them. 


You haven’t lost anything to an inconsiderate driver. If you have managed to avoid a crash and are in control of yourself, you have already won the most critical test: you haven’t become the kind of person that makes you angry and surrendered to road rage. You have maintained your grace and dignity and are alive and safe-- this is far more important than ‘winning’ by being ahead of someone in a traffic jam.


You have remained the person you intended to be. So what if a dozen drivers cut you off and add a few more minutes to your commute if you can stay the kind, good person who friends and family love? Injustice hurts, but it hurts worse to become something or someone your friends and family wouldn’t recognize. 


We want to give a shout-out to The Humane Society of Marion County. As a non-profit, no-kill shelter, they are doing such kindness for the Ocala community, and we hope when you consider contributions and charities in the new year, you’ll consider donating to The Humane Society of Marion County!


Here’s a quick reminder that this month is BRAKES FOR BREASTS month! Please consider bringing your vehicle to Pals Ocala Auto Repair for brake service and repair if you are in need of new brake pads. Our partner TechNet is proud to sponser Brakes for Breasts for this exciting promotion. Starting October 1st, when you visit participating TechNet Professional Automotive Service Centers like us, you can get or give up to a $40 TechNet Professional Prepaid Mastercard with the installation of Carquest Platinum Professional brake pads. To schedule an appointment, contact the team at Pals Ocala Auto Repair!

Let’s have a look at this month’s Events!



International Coffee Day

Get that caffeine fix and enjoy a cup with friends and family!


12th Annual Timberline Farm Fall Festival & Pumpkin Patch

3200 SE 115th St.

Belleview, Florida 34420

Friday: 4 PM – 8 PM

Saturday: 10 AM – 7 PM

Sunday: 12 PM – 7 PM

Enjoy carnival games, trick or treat activities, local crafts and more. This event runs all month and opens October 1st, come out and celebrate the halloween season with your community!




National Name Your Car Day

Did you name your car? Here’s a fun national day to give your trusty friend a name!



National Kevin Day    Fun

That's right….Kevin, haha. Do you have a Kevin in your life? Are YOU a Kevin? Well, this is your special day; get together with all the Kevins you know and celebrate!



National Taco Day

America's new favorite food! Whether it's Tuesday or not, October 4th is the day for Tacos!



World Teachers' Day

All of us have that special teacher who really made an impact on our lives. Maybe it was your mom, or maybe it was your high school P.E. teacher, or maybe it’s the teachers looking after your own kids or grandkids today. Take this day to express your appreciation for all that they do!



3rd Annual Brick City Carnival

1211 SE 22nd Rd.

Ocala, Florida 34471

5:00 PM to 8:00 PM

Located at Brick City Adventure Park, this events includes recreation activities, local artisans, face-painting, and a whole host of other activities. An awesome family-friendly event!



National Cake Decorating Day

That's right, get the baking set out and decorate a cake.



International Day of the Girl Child

Here’s a day for empowering young girls to grow up to be incredible women!



National Dessert Day

What's your favorite dessert?! Cut a big slice and sit down for this guilt-free cheat day!




Take this day to learn more about our Hindu community members and wish them a happy Vijayadashami.




10/15 - 10/24

Ocala Pumpkin Patch

1126 E. Silver Springs Blvd.

Ocala, Florida 34470

Open all day

Located at the First United Methodist Church,

come and grab the biggest pumpkin you can

and spend some time together carving a spooky spectre!



10/15 - 10/16, 10/22 - 10/23, 10/29 - 10/30

A Nightmare on Pine Street - Haunted Trail

4841 S Pine Avenue

Ocala, Florida

8 PM & 10 PM, Fridays & Saturdays

Located at Wayne’s World of Paintball, this spooky spectacle features 5 acres of halloween attractions and fun!



Two Rivers Music Festival & Food Truck Rally

11899 Bostick St

Dunnellon, Florida 34432

5 PM to 10 PM

Join us at Ernie Mills Park in Dunnellon for a multi-genre music festival featuring food, beet, & wine! Locations are sometimes held in different locations near each other so check the site linked for further details! See you there!


Stories Under the Stars - Phantoms in the Fort

3925 E. Fort King St.

Ocala, Florida 34470

7 PM to 9 PM

Join in the old walls for Fort Kings for some truly scary tales! Bring your own chairs and gather-round as we share stories of the weird, the strange, and the scary!



National No Beard Day

Ready to reveal that baby face you have hiding underneath your manly beard, haha?! October 18th is the day to take the jump!



International Day of the Nacho

It's exactly what it sounds like...an entire day dedicated to nachos; we are on board for that!


Park After Dark - Germany

7110 SW 80th AVe.

Ocala, Florida 34481

6 PM

Herb Albinus brings us an authentic German experience with pan flute, alphorn, & yodeling! The audience will have chances to participate in traditional German festival games and activities. There will be food & drinks, and it is a great night to bring the whole family together!



National Croc Day

Got anyone in your family that loves crocs? This is their day!


2021 Halloween Run at the Paddock Mall

3100 SW College Road

Ocala, Florida

9 AM, Opening

Sponsored by Advent Health Ocala, this unique race combines sport, food, drinks, and entertainment! Come out for the 5K race and stay for the fun and camaraderie.



National Mother-in-Law Day

Family is the most important thing in life; take October 25th to thank your Mother-in-Law for all the love she gives.



National Black Cat Day

This day seeks to abolish the idea that black cats are bad luck and to open the hearts of good, loving families to black strays!




SE 3rd St. and SE 3rd Ave

Ocala, Florida

5 PM to 9 PM

Even the horses get to dress up for Halloween in Ocala! October 29th is night you can bring the family out to see all the awesome horses in costumes! Located at the Ocala Downtown Market, there will be a costume contest for the horse with the best costume, a costume contest for the kids, and food trucks to satisfy your hunger! All proceeds benefit United Way of Marion County.



Halloween Costume Family Fun Run

110 SE Watula Avenue

Ocala, Florida

8:30 AM

Bring the whole family for this Halloween-inspired 5K run/walk! Everyone gets to dress up and complete the 5K at their own pace, this one is all about family and fun and it is accessible to all levels!


Boo Bash

1510 NW Fourth St.

Ocala, Florida 34475

7:30 PM

Join us for a family fun indoor event featuring face-painting, tons of candy, and local crafts. The event is free for all and the whole family is welcome!




What are you gonna be this year?


That wraps up some of our favorite activities that this month has to offer! I hope there’s plenty of fun for you and yours! We hope you enjoyed our blog, and please be safe out there! Consider donating to The Humane Society of Marion County this month! Visit Pals Ocala Auto Repair at 2821 SW College Road, Ocala, FL, 34474, and schedule an appointment online to keep your vehicle safe on the road!


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