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Snowbirds and Ocala

Snowbirds and Ocala

It’s no secret that Ocala is home to a huge equestrian community, and that HITS fans and participants– the hunters and jumpers– are a big part of that community. But they tend to die off a bit in the summer and return back in autumn. Did you know that many of the seasonal guests we see are snowbirds?    No, not actual birds– that’s a term for people who summer in the Northern states and winter in warm places like sunny Ocala. Snowbirds have a lifestyle where they leave the comforts of their Northern homes to migrate south with the birds every year. Whether staying with family or living in their own situation, there’s a steady influx of visitors every year, usually older retirees looking to live longer and sweeter in our warm climate!   They come from as far away as New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Every year, we see them come in around October or November, and they stay until April or May. Some come in regular vehicle ... read more


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