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Mission: Transmission!

Mission: Transmission!

  Hello from Pals! We’re looking at the part of a car that we’re seeing the most repairs in this month, and we wanted to take a moment to mention your transmission!     Your transmission is a hard-working, vital part of your vehicle. An automatic transmission does the work of a clutch for you, freeing you up to pilot the car. It needs upkeep and attention. It’s an important part of your vehicle. And it’s a specialty of ours at Pals Ocala!      We can resolve most transmission issues. Our experienced crew has seen just about everything under the Florida sun! Bring your transmission woes to Pals and let Chuck and Jimmy sort your vehicle out. Whether you have a fluid leak, debris in your govenor, or a deeper problem that affects drive-ability (such as a damaged pump), bring it to Pals!   EVENTS July 1st – July 3 2nd Annual Summer Hors ... read more


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