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Monthly Archives: July 2020

Back To School in Uncharted Territory!

August! This summer feels never-ending. Coming up, we have a few national days… National Roller Coaster Day is on August 16th, so find someone adventurous and head to Walt Disney World. But for goodness sake, play it safe. Also, International Beer Day is August 7th. Which one of these options is safer? Well, that depends on your perspective. With quarantine and shelter-at-home ending in most places after a very long summer, our kids are heading back to school again. That means more young drivers will be navigating our Florida roads to get to school, and safety is a priority. Speaking of priorities... It seems like most of what kids focus on these days is technology-based. Does this new generation still use pencils and erasers anymore? Calligraphy has become an art school trade instead of something taught as an advanced technique on cursive. Are our kids still learning how to write in cursive though? Surely typing is being taught with the QWERTY keyboard popular on phones and ... read more


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